Contest Rules

KNTU contests may be conducted on-air Monday through Sunday in the form of live and/or recorded announcements.  The actual live and/or recorded announcements will run at KNTU’s discretion and will include the kind of prize(s) that will be awarded. In cases where tickets to a specific event are being awarded as a prize, the location and time of the event along with other pertinent information will be included as well.


ENTRY PROCEDURES: An individual may be entered in a contest by following the specific guidelines in the announcement.  The specific contest entry method will be announced for each individual contest. These methods may include the telephone entry, printed entry blanks, or entry via the Internet through email, texting, or social media.


ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS & RESTRICTIONS: Contestants must be at least 18 years of age or older unless otherwise indicated.


Only one (1) winner per household is permitted for any given contest.  A household is defined as individuals who reside at the same address.

Employees and staff members of KNTU and members of their household and family members, as well as those of other DFW media outlets, are not eligible to enter KNTU contests.

KNTU reserves the right to limit the winning of prizes to once every 30 days per household.

No purchase is necessary to participate in any station contest.

There will be no prize substitutions. Prizes are non-transferable and are not negotiable. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

Some prizes may have restrictions, or expiration dates and may not include gratuities.

By participating, winners grant permission for their voice and telephone call, when applicable, to be recorded and re-broadcast for unlimited promotional broadcast and online use.

All decisions of station management with regard to the awarding of prizes, the selection of winners and the interpretation of these rules shall be final. Each contestant by virtue of entering a station contest agrees to accept the decision of the station as final.

DEADLINES: When any contest has a deadline for entry, the deadline will be clearly indicated in on-air announcements and any written rules.

DISPOSITION OF PRIZES: In cases where tickets to a specific event are being awarded as a prize, tickets will be awaiting the winner at the ticket booth or door of the event. No tickets will be mailed, under any circumstances. Other types of prizes may be picked up or mailed at the sole discretion of KNTU.

VALUE OF PRIZES: The value of prizes will be given on request only.

TIE-BREAKING PROCEDURES: In the unlikely event of a tie, involving two or more individuals, a drawing will be held to determine a winner.

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