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Dan Balla, Zac Babb, Mark Lambert, and Randy Smith

                                                                                                                        Dan Balla, Zac Babb, Mark Lambert, and Randy Smith.


Dan Balla

KNTU General Manager

Dan is a longtime radio guy who began his career in the Midwest. Since then, he’s done it all at radio stations around the country; DJ, news, program director, operations manager, general manager, owner.  He joined KNTU in 2020. Read more about him.


Mark Lambert

KNTU Operations Manager

Another longtime radio guy with a wealth of experience in broadcast news gathering and radio station operations. Mark’s been with KNTU since 2000. Read more about him.


Randy Smith

KNTU Chief Engineer

Everything you hear from 88.1 indie is the result of something this guy touched. Randy’s been with KNTU since 2013. Read more about him.


Zac Babb

KNTU Sports & Special Events Manager

Zac recently joined the KNTU staff but is no stranger to the radio station. While completing an undergraduate degree at UNT, Zac worked at KNTU in several capacities. Currently, Zac manages a team of students producing weekly streaming broadcasts of athletics events. Read more about him.

88.1 indie is programmed and staffed completely in North Texas.